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Introduction to PMATI

The Precious Metals Assay and Training Institute (PMATI) is a skill development initiative to help the gold industry and reinstate quality assurance to the consumers. The not for profit company is an industry-driven body which has been set up with the following principal objectives:

  • Providing training and certification in the field of assaying
  • Standardizing and promoting best practices for gold and precious metals industry
  • Providing learning opportunities, acquiring new techniques and upgrading existing skills

What is the need for training courses in the Indian precious metal industry ?

The industry of sale and purchase of gold faces various immediate concerns today. These need to be addressed smartly so as to provide for a consistent and uniform method that is followed across the country in Assaying and Hallmarking centres.
Currently, assayers learn on the job and are operating without any formal educational criteria. This is hardly the most effective solution for the Indian precious metal industry. There is an urgent need for requisite infrastructure of a formal course, training, graduation and proactive monitoring to facilitate the accurate sale of pure gold. The catalysts to speed up the process of training for assaying and hallmarking centres include:

  • A code of conduct by laying out standard practices
  • A procedure manual, endorsed by the Industry, updated and revised from time to time
  • A formal Institute recognized and driven by the industry with relevant courses and trainings to provide a pool of qualified staff
  • A proficiency testing procedure to benchmark and monitor the quality of assaying across centres
  • A platform for liaisoning with government bodies on recommendation for updating the standards
  • Updated research and development methods of technologies and procedures to improve analysis of testing

How will PMATI bring about the desired change ?

PMATI offers a basic certification course in assaying to educate and reinforce the necessary information needed to be an integral part of the Indian precious metal industry. With the help of more and upcoming courses that are overseen and supervised by an industry-nominated steering committee, PMATI aims to achieve the standardization and promotion of accurate and effective practices for the gold and precious metals Industry.


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